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The Services We Offer

We do our best work helping our clients with the basics, such as: 

Supply Chain Management Excellence

  • Savings opportunity identification and savings realization planning.

  • Policy development.

  • Mapping of supply procedures.

  • Skill inventories and professional development planning.

  • Negotiation basics.

  • Supply management metrics.

  • Supply management internal controls.

  • Supply management business rules for systems implementations.

  • Coaching supply management staff.  

  Administrative Change Services

  • Administrative procedures mapping and development.
  • Records management and classification.
  • Administrative metrics.
  • Coaching administrative staff.

  Finance & Accounting Services

  • Internal controls.

  • Audit preparation.

  • Outsourcing planning and execution for non-core competency activities.

  • Accounting system conversions and implementations.

  • Accounting procedures mapping and development.

  • Year-end closings.

  • General controller activities including budgets, cash flow projections, and tax research & planning.

Cornerstone Services, Inc.


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