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Who Needs Cornerstone?

  • Firms lacking Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) Certified Purchasing Managers or Accredited Purchasing Practitioners in their supply management staff.  
  • Small and medium size firms who lack the in-house resources that large firms enjoy.
  • Non-profit firms that want advice about doing their accounting right.
  • Young firms, in business for five years or less.
  • Firms that need temporary supply management or managerial accounting support.
  • Start-ups who have not yet focused on their back office functions.
  • Firms preparing for any audit.
  • Firms about to merge, or that have just merged.
  • Any firm seeking an outsider's professional opinion of their supply management , administrative and accounting effectiveness.

Our Work Has Included . . .

  • Supply management and supply policy development for clients, including a large software development company.  We show our clients the current state of their supply management efforts, where they can improve these efforts and how effective supply management can support (or even shape) a firm’s strategic direction.  

  • Introducing basic parent company administrative and financial work processes to a recently acquired subsidiary.  The “back office” functions are the heart of any firm’s daily operation.  We provided a smooth join-up between the acquiring and acquired firms that ensured the continuity of this critical work and quickly supported combined operations.  

  • Backfill supply management support to firms with temporary staffing needs.

  • Introducing work processes that complemented a new manufacturing expense accounting system.  Today’s complex off-the-shelf enterprise management and accounting systems require considerable user adaptation and documented support procedures to meet system operating requirements.  We help our clients develop, modify and document the daily work that “feeds” these systems.  

  • Providing financial management services to non-profit service organizations and government entities.  These organizations have very different financial and accounting management needs from for-profit firms.  We show these clients how to improve their fiscal management and free more dollars for use in operations or providing services.  

  • Helping a small healthcare products distribution company improve its cash flow and product freshness by increasing its inventory turn.  Small businesses often lack many basic business skills that larger firms take for granted.  Further, they cannot always devote precious resources to offsite skill development.  We provided “on the job” skill development that helped this client tackle everyday problems effectively.

Cornerstone Services, Inc.


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