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Welcome to the Cornerstone download page.

Documents are available in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) unless otherwise stated.  You will need either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to view and print these documents.  Adobe Reader is a FREE program that you may download from Adobe.  If you would like to download Adobe Reader, click here for the Adobe web site and follow Adobe's links to its Reader download web page.

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Current Downloads:

Coming to Agreement (March 2006) Slideshow presented to the Management Consultants of Sacramento on March 10, 2006. 

Hedging (Cornerstone TOPICS - Spring 2005) In this issue we introduce hedging, a sophisticated but potentially rewarding supply chain tactic. Despite its complexity and risks, hedging is a skill that every organization should investigate for managing the costs of its strategic supply items. If your organization buys strategic goods or currencies for its needs and these are traded on a futures exchange, hedging is worth a look.

To Outsource? (Cornerstone TOPICS - September 2004)  Say the words “outsourcing” or “off-shoring” these days and you are likely to create fear, loathing and more than a few dirty looks.  This month, TOPICS looks at how leaders can approach outsourcing questions using the learnings of supply management professionals.   Whatever your decision, these learnings will provide you with a superior rationale for it.

Supply Management Sins of Organization Leaders (Cornerstone TOPICS - July 2004)  We have seen a variety of different firms over the years and within this variety certain patterns take shape, like a ship gradually emerging from a thick fog.  This issue of TOPICS looks at one of these patterns - the errors of omission and commission by organization leaders that comprise frequent supply management "sins." 

Understanding Strategic Sourcing (Cornerstone TOPICS - May 2004)  Best-of-breed organizations know that effective strategic sourcing can return much more than the time and resources invested in it.  We help you understand strategic sourcing in the context of your organization's current needs and efforts.  

Fraud:  Caging The Gorilla (Cornerstone TOPICS - March 2004)  The last of this two-part Cornerstone TOPICS series reviews fraud detection, management controls and things leaders can do to minimize the risk of fraud. 

Fraud:  The Gorilla In Our Midst (Cornerstone TOPICS - January 2004)  Business fraud is a monster that diverts over 6% of the average firm's annual revenue.  In the first of this two-part Cornerstone TOPICS series we describe the financial impact of fraud, some of its causes, the individuals who commit fraud and some of the organizational situations where fraud is most likely found.  

Pillars of Supplier Relationship Management (Cornerstone TOPICS - April 2003)  Purchased goods and services are an organization’s biggest consumer of its annual revenues, after people costs. We spotlight why supplier relationship management should command an equitable share of your operating focus.  

Internal Controls: Your Values In Action  (Cornerstone TOPICS - February 2003)  When someone says, "Sarbanes-Oxley," do you cringe?  Here is a quick view of internal controls and the very positive impact they can have on both your business results and the proper governance of your organization.

Understanding and Improving Your Contracting Process (Cornerstone TOPICS - January 2003)  Why you should understand contract formation, steps you can take to improve your oversight of contracting, and the strategic advantages your organization will enjoy from a robust contracting process.  

Mike Kanze - Speaker Topics  Looking for someone who will help your audience understand contemporary supply management in an engaging and thought-provoking manner?  Look no further than this link.  


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